I just don’t understand Women


What do they want? Women don’t make sense. It is hard to understand women. Do women know what they want? What is wrong with you women? Blah blah blah.

For all the authors and writers out there keep writing.

Having had conservations with some men at several different times and hearing such questions coming up. At times asking me directly and at times suggested to me indirectly. Just taking time to think about it as a woman I don’t understand myself either. I cannot even imagine how much more for another gender to understand us. A lot has been written about women and even we have famous materials just explaining women but they have not exhausted it. There is still more to be discovered and learn about women.

Anyway, my reason for writing this piece is just to see if I can share a few things about women that men should know. Hoping to be able to answer a few questions for the men and give them survival tactics. If you can’t beat them join them.  

Men – Women are different from you very different. This means that they do not think like you or see things the way you do.

Men – women use both sides of their brains with ease compared with men. With these, it makes it easier to do some things better than men. For example good with conversations, multitasking, dealing with emotions, and good memory.

Men – women always win arguments – so allow them or go for it at your risk

Men – women make very good investigators especially if it concerns relationships.

Men – When you think you have figured her out – think again

Men – Word of wisdom – deal with one woman at a given time. When you are dealing with your mother choose another time to deal with your wife or sister

Men – Women are very powerful no matter their age so do not underestimate them. (if you have a daughter you can relate)

Men – I know you said you don’t understand women – well relax you no one does. Concentrate on just loving them.

Men – Keep a reminder of important events in her life because you will need to refer to them from time to time.

Men – Have an answer handy to some of these questions – questions like how was your day, do you love me, how are you feeling, are you ok etc (no answer is the right one)

Men – Even if she puts a tough look and a no-nonsense face just know inside her there is a girl that longs to be cuddled and loved. Focus on the girl.

Men – Women are not to be understood they are full of mysteries to keep the man busy guessing.

Men – carry your phone, a book, shades, or something that will keep you busy while she is shopping.

Men – She is always right. Always say yes then try to find out later on your own what she was talking about.

Men – never comment on how fat a woman is. Watch out for the different ways they frame these questions.

Men – always pay your bills especially if you are dealing with women.  

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