My con experience

After getting in, the Nissan speed off immediately. About the same time, the tout beckoned on me that the passenger door is not well closed and that I should close it tightly. He even offered to help me. I tried closing the door several times but it would not close. I was so upset and some point offered to hold the door until I reach my current destination.

The guy seated next to me in the front seat said that it was not possible and suggested that I would rather sit in the other seats inside the nissan.

All of a sudden the tout and the driver in a chorus seconded the idea. So, I thought to myself rather than be seen stubborn and uncooperative let me just obey. So I reluctantly step out of the Nissan with one leg and no sooner had I step out than the Nissan speeds off leaving me feeling unbalanced. I was left standing along the road not sure what has just happened. It took me a while to come back to my senses. Suddenly another Nissan came and the driver shouted at me saying “hiyo ni choppa” as in “that is a plane”. I was not sure what that meant since clearly that looked like a nissan to me. So I bluntly asked him and he proceeded to explain to me that the Nissan is not a genuine commuter vehicle and that they carry unsuspecting passengers steal from them in the shortest time possible come up with an excuse to get them out of the vehicle then speeds off and he was trying to warn me earlier. The driver continued they sit strategically in the nissan so that at any given seat you are surrounded with three people. Two will be distracting you while the one closest to you is the one stealing from you since your attention is elsewhere. Once they are done with you they signal each other that you need to alight. They come up with excuses from the vehicle has a mechanical problem, we are not going through that route anymore to you need to change seats as it was my case. I am sure the driver educated me some more but at some point, my mind shut him off.

Easy target

The first thing that came to mind was to check whether I have my purse which has my fare back home or if not I should plead with this kind driver to get me home and the second of course was to check my phone. My fare was present but my phone MIA. Ladies and gentlemen let us just say my journey back home was very quiet and sobering. A few thoughts of I should have and shouldn’t have, could have and could have not, how could I not have seen this. Come on, you could not have been this stupid, this is Nairobiā€¦ you get the gist.
I explain the incident to my brother expecting sympathy and some moral support but he explained to me how am an easy target to the thieves. Seriously am the victim here, where do we learn not to be easy targets to the criminals. I think I missed the memo. Good night.

For some reason, I feel like writing about this incidence that happened to me recently. It is late in the evening and I am so tired from work and the only energy left on me is to find the right PSV vehicle, get the right amount of fare and the rest is history. It’s a bit late for our kind of species to be out and alone so I am told.


After maneuvering and dragging my feet I finally got to the right busstop. A few minutes in waiting a nissan matatu comes and the only thing I could hear is my destination and the fare amount. As I am about to enter a guy jumps out of the front seat without a word. In another second another guy jumps out from the inside of the Nissan. I was a bit confused but I thought either they have arrived or they do not like their current seat. So I decided to seat in the front seat which looked more spacious and comfortable. I was not alone, there was a guy in the middle and now the driver.