Teen depression What you need to know

Not every day, a parent imagines that his/ her teenager would be in a state of depression. Questions like what could be really stressing my young child cross a parent’s mind: – there are no bills to pay, or work stress to think about.

Teen depression is as real as any other form of depression. A study report by Blue Cross BlueShield in May 2018 depression is affecting millions of Americans and is on the rise for all age groups. The report further indicates that teen depression is rapidly on the increase. Teenagers are successfully committing suicide at an alarming rate and the issue needs a closer look.

Teenager depression is a serious condition that can affect and have a great impact to the young teens’ lives. This can affect learning, day-to-day relationships and the wellbeing of the child. If you suspect your child is depressed, you will need to seek clinical and professional help.

Some of the causes of teenage depression

Medical conditions Chronic pains and thyroid problems can lead to teenage depression.

Brain Chemistry Some experts believe that imbalances of some chemicals in our brains could cause depression.

Major life events like the death of a loved one, broken relationships, moving to a new environment or new school can be triggers of depression

It can also be genetics in some families’ depression condition runs in their genes, so if you know or have someone in your family who struggled with depression your teenager can be affected.

Some of the effective treatments for dealing with teenage depression

Psychotherapy helps the teen understand what is happening and how to cope.

Talking to a trusted and professional adult, teacher or teen counselor

Creating an environment or safe space where your teenager can feel free to share his/her feelings.

Support groups also come in handy. You will learn a lot and also know that you are not alone in this.

Still, if you feel your teenager needs help as a parent, do not hesitate to get professional help. With the right help or treatment your teenager will recover and live a happy life.

Additional tips to help you in dealing with teenage depression

Get them active and involved in the community. This gives them a sense of purpose and connect with the other teens

Help them come up with realistic goals that can boost their self-esteem once achieved and sense of accomplishment.

Encourage them to take up their most enjoyed and healthy hobbies and activities. This can help them reconnect back to their interests and feel much better about themselves.

You need to have a strong support system in case your teen needs patience and understanding.

Still, if you feel your teenager needs help as a parent, do not hesitate to get professional help.

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