Parent and Teenager Communication

Now more than ever our teenagers need strong parent-teenager communication for healthy relationship. Your love, support and understanding becomes very vital for our teenagers growth. Communication is key for both the parents or guardians and the teenagers to create a safe space.

Communication is two ways and very important for support and growth. 

How to build strong parent-teenager communication

Parent – You can open the doors to a very good communication with the teenagers by making it clear that you are ready and willing to actively listen to them

As a Parent – Be honest with them because they can easily tell when you are not. Honest about your expectations of them and also your own feelings.

As a Parent – Let your teenager know that their ideas are equally important to you

As a Parent make use of “I” to express your feelings or ideas

Parent – Let your teenager know you are working towards understanding their point of view.

As a parent – Actively Listen to your teenager when they are talking or sharing the feelings.

As a Parent – validate their feelings

As a Parent be a trusted advisor to them

As a Parent avoid dictatorship or commanding style of parenting

As a parent be patient with your teenager. It is said that Rome was not build in a day neither can your teenager be build in a day.

Additional ways for parent and teenagers to communicate efficiently

As a Parent – Control your own emotions as in practice Emotional intelligence

As a Parent find ways of doing things together

As a Parent spend time together at home, restaurant and picnics

As a Parent be very observant of any changes that happen with your teenager

As a Parent be consistent – the teenagers need your continuous ways of doing things. What you say is what you do. If you give instructions stick to it to the later.

As a Parent be respectful of your teenagers opinions and values too.

As a Parent create time for conversations for the both of you. Especially when both of you are relaxed and calm.

As a Parent find a place that is private that you can have your talks without interruptions.

As a Parent avoid too much criticizing, shouting and blaming your teenagers. These are very poor ways of communication and will not get you positive results.

The good news is that they are growing and will not be teenagers for long. By using the above ways hope it helps you to build all rounded and stronger parent teenager communication

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