Life coaching in Kenya

Years back life coaching in Kenya was not as famous and acceptable as it is today. This might be because of the African culture or lack of interest. It did not make much sense how you would tell a stranger of your life problems and the stranger would help you come up with ways of dealing with the problem and more so pay for that service.

Counseling was available but it was just perceived either for the mental illnesses or much worse scenarios.

Life Coaching in Kenya

Slowly but steadily people have started comprehending the importance of having counselors, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, personal development coaches, pastors, mentors, and life coaches.

It has now taken root and we even have an academic institutions that offers life coaching training. You only go to see a doctor when you are sick and at the same time you can have a doctor on call – the same is true about a life coach. The only difference is that there are times you might be sick and not know that you need a life coach or help. In our day-to-day life, we need someone to check upon us.

Life coach as a facilitator

It is said that no man is an island – you can’t solve everything out on your own even if you wanted to. It is important not to isolate yourself when you are going through hard times. The temptation to separate yourself from the world will come and can be overwhelming but try very hard to get help either from a trusted friend or one of the life coach professionals. People are in different phases in their life they can be either in a better phase or a worse phase. A talk from a different quarter can be the difference between life and death. A lot of benefits come with just having that someone who is not afraid to tell you things as they are without being judgemental.

A life coach will not tell you what to do or not to do but will walk with you in whatever phase you are in life. You are the best person that can come with a solution to your problems, you just need to be directed to focus on the solution and not the problems. The solution is within you but you need a guide or facilitator to walk along with you and that is where a life coach comes in.

You cannot be the player and the spectator at the same time; be the main player in your life and allow the life coach to be the spectator and your team coach. It is great to know that in Kenya we have grown and have qualified life coaches. Life coaching has been embraced positively and even becoming a competitive career in the nation.  

Life coaching benefits

Some of the benefits of having a life coach are that they help in improving your relationships, make clear your goals, work on your career path, work on your self-awareness journey, work on your self-confidence, can be accountable for your goals, identifying your obstacles and ways to overcome the obstacles.

Before you give up on life try and talk to someone. It will surprise you how a different environment and persona can help. We share a lot about what we go through but not with professionals but with close friends or just strangers; try and get help with people who are trained and professionals.

Looking forward to hear from you.